Friday, March 26, 2021

Pajama Pants

There was only one forgotten item

on the trip

and it was mine.

Everyone had shoes and clothes 

chargers and earphones

and even toothbrushes.

But I forgot the comfort,

the refuge

after a long day of jeans.

The soft flannel,

The elastic waist,

The perfect fit.

So when we arrived home

and unpacked and ate dinner and did laundry and walked around the yard,

I put on my pajama pants

and sighed a sigh of happiness 

at the feeling of home.


  1. Sometimes we just need our pajama pants! Every day when I come home after teaching with my students I change into my comfy pajama pants and at that moment everything feels right! I am glad you are back to your comfort.

  2. Hahahaha, I read your prior piece about forgotten items so your opening had me laughing right away- it was your turn! And we can relate to missing the comfort of those friendly pajama waistbands!!!

    1. Haha, right!? It's so funny when I'm the one with the forgotten item, if only I planned ahead a little better! :)

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